30 June 2013

Monday, 1 July 2013

I have noticed a large group of folks attempting to craft their workouts around the best parts of multiple different programs.  I am not going to expound on it much more because this article is a great read on why that may be a bad idea. Simply put, the best program is that one that you stick to.


SOOOO...moving on.  Now that it is July and we have our first full month as an affiliate under our belts, we are changing it up again slightly.  The A/B group programming is done, we will now only post one WOD per day.  As a general rule (exceptions exist), we will do one Hero WOD, one benchmark WOD, and one power/strength based WOD per week.

What does this mean to you?

 Hero WODs honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice whether it be for our country or for a local community.  During these WODs, you MUST give 100% effort.  The pain that you feel during the WOD is only a fraction of that experienced by this Hero and their loved ones. The intent of these WODs is not necessarily to be the best but to finish strong and honor our fallen comrades.  These workouts are generally a little longer and harder so be prepared to work hard but we will scale appropriately to ensure everyone can participate.

Benchmark WODs, also known as "The Girls," are WODs that are the same wherever you go and you will see them more often than most other WODs.  The purpose here is to set a baseline.  Since we see these WODs more often, we can compare our performance over months and years to see how we are progressing.  You should record your scores during these WODs so that you can compare the next time they come around. In the words of CrossFit's founder, “I thought that anything left you flat on your back looking up to the sky asking, what the f*** happened to me, deserves a female name,” Greg Glassman.

Power/strength based WODs will generally be shorter and more explosive in nature.  Expect things like every minute on the minute type workouts, heavy weight, and workouts that have rests built in to provide for maximum explosiveness.  These workouts are what will begin to build the basis of strength versus endurance.  The explosive power built from WODs like these directly translate to better performance in other area and generally improve speed during lighter WODs.

So without further ado...

4 x 50m Sled Drag -- Weight should be enough to slow you down throughout the drag but not force you to stop.
Note: There are now two sleds thanks to Dan and his fabrication team.

Death By DB Thrusters, moving up by 3s's.
At the call of "GO!" complete 3 DB Thrusters, the following minute do 6, and 9 the minute after that.  Continue in this fashion until the clock catches you.

Thrusters are double arm. Men RX = 45, Women RX = 30


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