16 June 2013

Monday & Tuesday, 17 & 18 June 2013

Team CFU,
The t-shirt orders are finally ready to begin.  The order form below is how we will go about taking orders.  Shirts will be $20 a piece.  Two ways to order:
- You can give your order form and cash to any coach.
- You can also send PayPal money to trevor.steen@gmail.com.  Just make sure you put something about t-shirts in the subject.  In the message put the sizes and colors you want.

We will do orders through 30 June and we will place the bulk order on 1 July.  If you are not going to be here, you will have to coordinate shipment home on your own.  MAKE SURE YOU SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Not sure when we will order more so get on it and order some shirts now!

A Group:
Jog 400m, then
3 Rounds
- 15 Pushups
- 15 Squats
- 15 PVC Passthroughs

5x5 Push Press @ 70%
(Work with someone at about your skill level)

12 Min AMRAP
- 7 Kettlebell Swings @ 53#/35#
- 14 Hand Release Pushups
- 21 Squats

B Group:
Jog 400m, then
3 Rounds:
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Pushups
- 15 squats
Then, Jog 400m

15 minutes to work on jump ropes (singles AND double unders)

5 Rounds for Time:
- 200m Run
- 10 Tire Flips
- 20 Dumbbell Push Press @ 35#/20#

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