31 July 2013

Thursday, 01 August 2013

150 Hand Release Pushups
50m Sprint Every 2 Minutes.

Ideas for all that deployment money!

30 July 2013

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hey Team,
OUTSTANDING job on the WOD yesterday (today depending on when you read this).  That was some of the hardest work and heart I have seen since we started  this little experiment we call CrossFit Undisclosed.  Keep up that level of intensity and dedication and I promise you will see significant results.

For today, another one of the Girls...


5 Rounds for Time
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps
30 Wall Balls

Here is a little motivation for those tough days at the office. Remember, this scream bread a world class body builder.

29 July 2013

Tuesday, 29 July 2013

Hopefully everyone is feeling like supple leopards today after our mobility session.  Doing those movements once in a blue moon (no not the beer) will not get you where you need to be.  You should be doing a handful of mobility movements each day.  Mobility will be limiting factor in gaining strength, stamina, and skills.  So do it even if you do not feel tight in any specific area.  This is also a great way to prevent and overcome injury.

Front Squat

For Time, 25 Min Cap
Prescribed weight is 55/35#

100 SA Swings (break up as needed but do 50 per arm)
16 Presses Each Arm (break up as needed but do 16 per arm)
30 Snatches Each Arm (break up as needed but do 30 per arm)
30 Goblet Squats

For the Three-peat, Rich Froning Jr., 2013 CrossFit Games Champ

28 July 2013

Monday, 28 July 2013


Alright CFU Team, today is going to be a kind of de-load and mobility day.  We have been working pretty hard lately so we are going to spend the day doing mobility, some core work, and working on perfecting that squat. Mobility is a KEY component of increasing your work capacity and getting better at the foundational movements.  You can take a bye on the mobility if you are able to do an Iron Cross or can put one of your legs behind your head.

Check out this video for the anatomy of a squat, sorry the awesome music is in French I tihnk.

We will warmup as normal, then:

Partner Hamstring Stretch - One partner lays on the ground, one leg up while the other partner applies pressure toward the head.  Duration will be 1:30, at :30 & 1:00 the partner on the ground will apply pressure back against the person who is up for 5 seconds,then release and get a deeper stretch.  For the last :10, pull down lightly on the toe. We will do this 3 times per leg.

Couch stretch - Tuck your foot behind you against a wall and put your kneed on the ground.  This will help to stretch out your hip flexors which get extremely tight from sitting in chairs all day.  We will do 1:00 per leg 3 times.

Banded/Supported Squats - Attach a band to a pole or grab the pole with your hands, lean back and drop into a deep squat.  Spend 2 minutes leaning to each side.  Do this twice

Wall Squats - Stand with your toes against a wall and squat down from there as far as your flexibility will let you, then squat a little deeper, this will help to open the hip flexors and psoas.

 Partner Shoulder Mobility - You can use a PVC pipe if needs, set up in the front rack position as if you are about to do a Jerk.  Your partner will apply upward pressure on your elbows.  This will lead to a more upright rack position.  We will do this 1 minute for both elbows at the same time, 3 times each.

1 minute external rotation of the shoulder while holding a pole
1 minute internal rotation of the shoulder while holding a pole

Hold your hand up like you are about to slap yourself in the face, using your other arms put the PVC on the outside of your slapping arm and rotate your slapping hand back to grab the pipe, use your now free hand to pull the lower portion of the PVC toward the center of your body. 1 minute each side.

Tabata Planks
Tabata Supermans

Accumulate 3 minutes in the deep squat.

Functional Fitness Challenge


27 July 2013

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sorry this is so late, the Functional Fitness Challenge took a while. CFU brought home 2nd and 3rd place.

Also congrats to all our other teams who competed and thanks to all those who came out to support the event.

10 Rounds, Each for Time:
5 DB Thrusters, 45/30#
10 Pullups
100m Sprint
Rest 1 Minute

25 July 2013

Friday, 26 July 2013

Sugar is the enemy.  You may have seen my post before about how sugar essentially makes it impossible to lose weight and build muscle.  However, even sugar substitutes can have adverse affects.  Check ou the article below.  Bottom line, sugar is bad, so why would fake sugar be any better?  In fact, it appears that fake sugar may be EVEN WORSE.  So if you are the type who drinks a ton of diet sodas throughout the day, you may want to check that intake.  The only way to satisfy the body's need for nutrients is through real whole food.  Substitutes will never get the job done.  Supplementing is one thing, but filling your diet or portions of your diet with fake and processed foods will never lead to good things.

If you drink soda or diet soda for the caffeine, start taking apples from the DFAC and eat one whenever you get sluggish.  Apples have been proven to be as effective as caffeine in keeping you awake. And SQUIRREL!!!...


800 Double Unders for time (2400 singles)

*If you are close to getting double unders, scale the number and focus on doing double unders.

This is the guy who taught me most of what I know about CrossFit...

24 July 2013

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Alright guys, this is a repeat workout.  That means a chance to test your progress.  If you did this WOD last month, try to recall how you did.  For this WOD you should either scale less or do more reps.

"Triple 7"

20 Min AMRAP
7 Squats
7 Pushups
7 Burpees

The CrossFit Games are in full swing!!

23 July 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

CFU Team,
The base competition is this weekend, make sure you grab a partner and sign up now!!!

Additionally, there is an online competition coming up in August call the Bounty Hunter Open.  It is a 3 week competition where they will post one WOD per week.  You have to film the WOD and submit it.  This is a great way to start competing and to see where you rack and stack. If you want to sign up, here is the link.


Box Jumps
DB/KB Push Press 45#/30#

With a partner - 3x1 minute max weighted situps with one of the DB/KB you used for the WOD. Alternate sets.

22 July 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sunday WOD is now at 1800, please pass the word.

The base Non-Crossfit Competition (Function Fitness Challenge is the actual name of it) is this Saturday. It is a partner WOD (guy/guy, girl/girl, or guy/girl) They are having A LOT of people sign up and might be putting a cap on participation so sign up soon at the CC gym.  I expect anyone who is part of CFU to participate.

I know Camrin is usually our hydration guru but I have one tip for everyone...If you are having to grab water in the middle of a WOD, that is an indication that you did not drink enough water during they day.  I know it is hot out there but the human body is pretty amazing as keeping us cool, provided we have fueled it right.  So concentrate on drinking enough water during the day because by the time you feel thirsty during the WOD, you are already dehydrated.  Many of our workouts are total sprints and taking breaks for water defeats the purpose.  So to sum up, you should drink enough water throughout the day that you do  not need to take water breaks during a WOD.  Of course post-WOD, drink all the water you want.

Spend 20-30 minutes working pullups progressions (kipping, butterfly, dead hang)

Complete one pullup on the first minute, 2 on the second, 3 on the third, etc. until you cannot complete the set within a minute.

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Games have arrived...


10 Rounds for Time of:
10 Sec hand Stand Hold
10 Air Squats
Rest 10 Minutes
10 Rounds of
10 Walking Lunges
10 Pushups

20 July 2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hero WoD:


5 Rounds for Time:
7 Muscle-Ups
21 Burpees

Maplewood, Missouri Firefighter, Ryan Hummert, 22, was killed by sniper fire July 21st 2008 when he stepped off his fire truck responding to a call. He is survived by his parents Andrew and Jackie Hummert.

18 July 2013

Friday, 19 July 2013

TLC for your shoulders...

CrossFitters are rough on their shoulders... we hang on them, hold heavy weights over head with them, pulls stuff with them, push stuff with them, we even use them to walk on our hands.  Shoulder issues have been the most prevalent among the athletes I've coached in the past and often an area that is forgotten about and negliected during stretching.  With the 2013 CrossFit Games fast approaching let's not forget that, at its core, CrossFit is about wellness and the preservation of the human body.

Pull ups

Shoulder mobility    

17 July 2013

Thursday, 18 July 2013

5 Min Max Rep KB Press
Tabata Sprints
1 min Max Tire Flip x3 (rest as needed)

16 July 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pullups

No 10:00 Class today

Again with the late post... No 1000 class guys.  Sorry for the late notice and inconvenience.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sorry for the late posting guys.  Here is the WoD:

Skill work:  Kettle Bell Swings

4 Rounds for time:
50 SA Swings Alternating
200m Run
25 Pushups

Remember, being humid does NOT equal being hydrated.  Drink your water!

14 July 2013

Monday, 15 July 2013

15 Minutes to work kipping pullup skill

12 Min AMRAP
- 100' Burpee Broad Jump
- 100' Walking Lunge w/ overhead plate carry

13 July 2013

Sunday, 14 July 2013


This is going to be a burner.

"Filthy 50"

50 reps of each movement:

- Box Jumps (step ups)
- Jumping Pullups
- KB Swings
- Walking Lunges
- Knees to elbows (hanging knee raises/laying leg raises)
- DB Push press
- Supermans
- Wall Balls
- Burpees (burpees using a box)
- Double Unders (150 singles)

12 July 2013

Saturday, 13 July 2013

No Oly class today...sorry.

Sunday WoD TIME CHANGE!!!!!! & Saturday Oly Class

Hey Guys and Girls of CrossFit Undisclosed!

Due to the fact that it is quite uncomfortable temperature wise at 1700, we are moving the Sunday WoD to 1800.  Spread the word!  Thanks!

Also, Oly Class @ 0800 on Saturday is on for the 13th. See you there.

11 July 2013

Friday, 12 July 2013

Fight Gone Bad(ish)

5 Rounds working one minute at each movement with a 1 minute rest between rounds.

Score is total reps completed.

- DB Snatch
- Wall Balls
- Weighted Squats (using a dumbell)
- Pushups
- Rest

DFAC GO/No Go List

I've spoken to a few folks about deployed nutrition, and as promised; below is a list that I use to guide my food choices while eating at the DFAC.  It is a mix of Paleo (if you can pick it, dig it up, or kill it; you may eat it), and eating by the glycemic index (watching the "sugar" content of foods).  Reading the nutrition labels is important if you are getting your meal out of a package.  If you questions, please ask one of the coaches.  Keep in mind, each coach may differ on their own nutritional prefences and recommendations.  Hope this is helpful!

DFAC Go List:
Chopped Chicken
Gyro Chicken
Gyro Mystery Meat
Chicken Breast
Fish (No flavoring or sauce)
Fried Chicken Wings (No sauce, no breading, once a week)
Turkey Deli Meat
Roast Beef Deli Meat
Tuna (No Mayo)
Eggs (hard boiled or fried-no omelet sludge or powdered eggs)
Sausage (In moderation)
Bacon (In moderation)
**Stay away from marinated, dressed, sauced, or flavored meats on the hot line.
Lemon/Lime Juice
Broccoli (salad bar or hot line)
Tomatoes (In moderation)
Sweet Potatoes (Once a week)
Spinach (salad bar or hot line)
Cauliflower (salad bar or hot line)
Cabbage (salad bar or hot line)
Raw Nuts (In moderation)
Olives (In moderation)
Salsa (In moderation)
Oatmeal (In small quantities, morning only)
Gum (In moderation)
Dill pickles

DFAC No List:
Anything with breading
Anything with sugar
Anything with sauce
Packaged dressing
Sugary Water Flavoring
Fruit Juice (except lemon/lime juices)
Dairy (No Low fat or skim, other dairy in moderation)
Energy Drinks
Full Sugar soda
Ice Cream
Chick peas
Peanut Butter
Hot Dogs
Soy Milk

10 July 2013

Thursday, 11 July 2013

This WOD is very near and dear to my heart as it was my first CrossFit workout ever. I woke up in the middle of the night with my arms locked at 90 degree angles and my whole body in pain.  Most likely I had rhabdo which is a potentially life threatening condition that can be caused by going too hard too fast with intense workouts.  My immediate thought was that this must be the best workout program ever which I still agree with.   However, now that I am more educated, I feel the need to give a blanket rhabdo warning.

If you are new to CrossFit or are just coming off of a long period of not working out, be careful and ease back into it.  There is nothing wrong with slowly building your engine back up.  If you wake up with what you would consider full body soreness (meaning not just that the muscles you used are sore, but your ENTIRE body), or if your urine looks like Coca-Cola, seek medical attention immediately.  That being said, there are some simple ways to prevent rhabdo altogether:
1) Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!!! (I have also learned that yelling hydrate makes good military leaders because its about the only thing I hear at any leadership course I attend)
2) Listen to your body.  If you are in the middle of a WOD and you don't know where you are or why you just jumped on top of a box (despite no box jumps in the WOD) this may be a sign to call it a day.
3) Likewise, if you feel your muscles reaching complete failure during a WOD, that is also a time to stop.  Very rarely do we intentionally want complete muscle failure.  
4) And lastly, STRETCH.  I know we are all as flexible as a baby leopard but most of us could user more post WOD mobility.  Stretching helps to release lactic acid and allows better blood flow to the muscles.  This is important because blood flow helps to repair the trauma to our muscles after a workout.

100 Pullups (use bands as needed, or ring rows)
100 Pushups (standard, no hand release)
100 Situps (abmat)
100 Squats

If your urine looks like this, get help!

09 July 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Skill Work: Burgener Progression for Olympic Lifting

30s On/30s Off Tire Flips for 100m.

*Cashout is burpees equal to the number of rounds it took to complete 100m.

08 July 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Gymnastics is one for the core disciplines of CrossFit.  Gymnastics movements involve almost any movement that is done as a body weight exercise (pushups, situps, planks).  So today we are gone to focus just on gymnastics.

15 minutes to work on Handstand Pushup Progression
- Wall Walks
- Wall Holds
- Pike Pushups from a Box
- Full HSPU

Tabata L-Sits using boxes

Tabata Pushups

Tabata Planks

* Tabata means 20s on/10s off for 8 rounds

Sunday Group WOD - Completing the Hope for Cures WOD In Over 100 Degrees

07 July 2013

Monday, 8 July 2013

If you are interested (or not interested) in all the gear you see CrossFit and llifters wearing, this article takes a look at why people use it.


3 Rounds for Time of: ***EDIT: 5 Rounds***
20 Bosu Ball Squats
200m Sprint
20 DB Renegade Rows, Each Arm (pushup on dumbells into a single arm row)

After Party:
Tabata Planks

06 July 2013

Sunday, 7 July 2013

"Hope for Cures"

Today is a Charity WOD supporting children with terminal illnesses.

If you are interested donating, go to this link and put in CrossFit Undisclosed as our affiliate.


 WOD - 1700
**Fight Gone Bad Style: 1 Minute At Each Station**

3 Rounds of;
DB Power Snatch
Box Jumps
DB Thrusters
Chest to Bar Pullups

04 July 2013

Friday, 5 July 2013

I just want to give a shout out to all the folks who are helping make CrossFit Undisclosed. Lots of new toys this week and each one adds another way for us to train and make people stronger. Thanks to Riley for the conex, Benny for the boxes, Dan and his team at Red Horse for the pullup rig, the fabrication team for the new sled, Camrin for the bands, Jimmy for the radio, and thanks to everyone who goes to class for making it worthwhile to make our box what it is. Nothing makes us happier than to know that you leave class better than you were when you showed up.


“The Chief”
5 Rounds of -

3 Power Cleans
6 Pushups
9 Squats

1 Min Rest Between Rounds

Score is total reps.

Power cleans are done with either a dumbbells, body bar, or medball (in order of difficulty).

**We are ordering a handful of barbells, not sure when they will get here though***

03 July 2013

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Secondly, posted before 2030 per request.

WOD Part 1:
8 Min AMRAP of Burpee Box Jumps

WOD Part 2:
12 Min AMRAP of
- 400m Run
- 20 Abmat Situps

0600 Class Workin' Hard

02 July 2013

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The EFSS is hosting a "Cross Training" competition on 27 July.  Our evening WODs will be cancelled that evening because everyone will be competing.  Hope to see you all there. 

This is our first benchmark WOD of the month. A CrossFit staple...

20 min AMRAP
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Pushups
- 15 Squats

Scaling Options:
- Pullups, Banded Pullups, Ring Rows
- Pushups, Knee Pushups
- Squats, lunges (only if you have an injury the prevents a high volume of squats)

01 July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Skill: KB Cleans

5 x 100m Sprint
4 x 200m Sprint
3 x 400m Sprint

Each run should be a dead sprint, you should be totally gassed between sprints.