28 July 2013

Monday, 28 July 2013


Alright CFU Team, today is going to be a kind of de-load and mobility day.  We have been working pretty hard lately so we are going to spend the day doing mobility, some core work, and working on perfecting that squat. Mobility is a KEY component of increasing your work capacity and getting better at the foundational movements.  You can take a bye on the mobility if you are able to do an Iron Cross or can put one of your legs behind your head.

Check out this video for the anatomy of a squat, sorry the awesome music is in French I tihnk.

We will warmup as normal, then:

Partner Hamstring Stretch - One partner lays on the ground, one leg up while the other partner applies pressure toward the head.  Duration will be 1:30, at :30 & 1:00 the partner on the ground will apply pressure back against the person who is up for 5 seconds,then release and get a deeper stretch.  For the last :10, pull down lightly on the toe. We will do this 3 times per leg.

Couch stretch - Tuck your foot behind you against a wall and put your kneed on the ground.  This will help to stretch out your hip flexors which get extremely tight from sitting in chairs all day.  We will do 1:00 per leg 3 times.

Banded/Supported Squats - Attach a band to a pole or grab the pole with your hands, lean back and drop into a deep squat.  Spend 2 minutes leaning to each side.  Do this twice

Wall Squats - Stand with your toes against a wall and squat down from there as far as your flexibility will let you, then squat a little deeper, this will help to open the hip flexors and psoas.

 Partner Shoulder Mobility - You can use a PVC pipe if needs, set up in the front rack position as if you are about to do a Jerk.  Your partner will apply upward pressure on your elbows.  This will lead to a more upright rack position.  We will do this 1 minute for both elbows at the same time, 3 times each.

1 minute external rotation of the shoulder while holding a pole
1 minute internal rotation of the shoulder while holding a pole

Hold your hand up like you are about to slap yourself in the face, using your other arms put the PVC on the outside of your slapping arm and rotate your slapping hand back to grab the pipe, use your now free hand to pull the lower portion of the PVC toward the center of your body. 1 minute each side.

Tabata Planks
Tabata Supermans

Accumulate 3 minutes in the deep squat.

Functional Fitness Challenge


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