11 August 2013

Monday, 12 August 2013

Now that most of you have been doing CrossFit for at least a couple weeks, it is time to talk about intensity and its relation to form and consistency.  When we are talking about how to approach a workout, form is first and foremost.  Without good form, we have no chance of operating safely and efficiency.  To maintain good form, you may have to slow down and use less weight.  In your mind you might be thinking "I am not getting a workout doing this."But you have to ask yourself, what is better, a couple weeks getting the movement right (which sets you up for a lifetime of good habits) or a couple months not working out at all because your disc shot out of your back? So first we work form, which most of if not all of you have at least achieve a workable stage.

Next we look for consistency.  Good form is not good enough unless you have good form on every rep.  If you can only do a proper squat when a coach is giving you cues like fight for depth, or heels down, that means you still need to work the consistency part.  The form we teach is always the most efficient way to complete a movement so even when you are tired and things feel easier when you let your form slip, you will not be able to sustain those movements long term.  Consistency is the key to producing maximal power output across the time domain of an entire workout versus a single good rep.

Lastly, once you have mastered the form and can maintain proper form constantly, that is when we build in the intensity. Intensity means pushing yourself further than you thought you could go, it means leaving everything you have out in the parking lot, and it means doing more weight than you did last week.  But without consistent form, intensity can also be the leading cause of injury.  Before you push yourself to those limits, you have to do an honest assessment and determine if you are ready or not.  For some of you this means stepping back and working form a little more.  For a lot of you, this means digging deeper and going harder.  These workouts are hard, but there is always more in the tank.  You have to be willing to go to that place that most people wont go.  It is going to hurt, you are going to want to quit, and your mind is going to say you can't.  But I promise, when you reach that level of intensity, that is what will separate you from the masses and it is what will drive you to excel beyond what you thought you could do.

"Kettlebell Fran"  
KB Thrusters

Lots of mobility.

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