29 April 2014

New On-Ramp Program!

Beginning Saturday 3 May at 0700, 
CFU will be unveiling our
BRAND NEW On-Ramp program!
Each class will be a 90 minute introductory for beginner CrossFitters, or anyone else interested in learning or improving basic CrossFit and lifting movements. 
Four classes will be offered on a 4-week rotation, covering a
different theme each week before repeating.  If you are thinking about starting CrossFit or have little experience you are highly encouraged to take advantage of all four classes prior to coming to class, or as you integrate in.  Until all four classes are completed CFU coaches may offer separate, beginner workouts during class times.
 Class times and other information can be found at www.crossfitundisclosed.com, CrossFitUndisclosed Facebook page, and questions can be emailed to crossfitundisclosed@gmail.com

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