14 April 2014

Tuesday, 15 April

Skill/Strength: Muscle Up Progression (rings)
For time
SDHP 95/65lbs
Our Featured Athlete of the Week is...
Chris "Taco" Tortoris!
Chris is normally a 6am-er and just recently competed in his FIRST EVER competitive WOD, 14.5 at CrossFit Oryx, where he had a very strong finish! He PR'd his DL at 395lbs and has been working feverishly on his lifting and body weight techniques--and is even giving Paleo an honest go too! However; it has been rumored he was been seen stuffing a few cookies in his pockets for the last day or two! (someone is telling on you, Chris!) Have you seen all the changes to the box over the weekend? Chris played a HUGE part in that, and CFU greatly appreciates his dedication and hardwork. If you see Chris around, give him props for being freakin' awesome and wish him well as he is leaving soon. We wish you the best Chris--keep up the good work, you are one dedicated and determined athlete!

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