27 July 2014

Why Bother?

Why do you show up every day? Why do you push yourself? What are you working towards?

Why do I ask? I ask because I want to know, but most importantly I want you to know. I want you to set goals and give yourself something worth working for. Without a goal it is difficult to maintain motivation and impossible to track progress.

I have been around the CFU crowd for a few months now and I have only seen three people writing down WOD times, weights or tracking any of their progress and I think it’s time we get on track. Before you show up to your next workout, ask yourself a few questions.

What do I want to accomplish with this program?
How long do I have to reach this goal?
Is this realistic and attainable?
Do I know how to reach my goal?
Is my goal measureable (a specific weight or time or speed)?

In my opinion the scale isn’t always the best way to track a fitness goal. The scale isn’t going to tell you if you are getting stronger, faster, or healthier. After your goal is set you need a plan for how to reach it. Figure out what you want to do. Make yourself a schedule or a game plan. Building strength, endurance, and coordination takes time and sometime it takes a change of lifestyle. 

Each of us needs to take time to establish clear objectives and not waste our precious time wandering around aimlessly. If we share these goals with each other we can help motivate and encourage each other.

What are some examples of goals?
Complete a 5k in under 25minutes.
Achieve a 400lb deadlift
Complete 10 double unders unbroken
Learn to do a strict pull-up before my R&R

Tips for Writing Goals
1.     Write it down
2.     Check your milestones and achievements regularly
3.     Take notes on progress daily
4.     If obstacles get in the way find ways around them. Make adjustments and carry on. Failure gives you the chance to begin again, but do not quit.
5.     Make smaller goals that you will be able to achieve along the way
6.     Use the crossfit skills chart to track progress  
*Post your goals to the comments section or to the FB page. 

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