05 April 2016

Wednesday 6 April

100 Ground to Overhead (95/65)

- Any method may be used: snatch, clean and jerk, etc., as long as full extension of all joints is reached at the top of each rep

- You may use multiple methods of getting the bar overhead within the workout - for example: 25 power snatches, 50 power clean and push press, 25 clean and split jerk

- The workout starts with a 100meter run

- After every 4 minute time period elaspses an additional 100 meters is tacked onto the next run

- So it goes like this: 100 meter run, come back and start getting the bar overhead.  Let's say you complete 36 reps in the first 4 minutes, so at the 4 minute mark you will run 200 meters.  Come back and get on the bar, say you finish 79 reps total by the 8 minute mark, now you run 300 meters.  Continue adding 100 meters to each run until all 100 reps are completed.  There is a 400 meter run cap.

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