Wish List

If you are interested in donating equipment to CrossFit Undisclosed, please see below for a list of items that will help us build up our inventory over time.  

General items:
Concept 2 rowers, 3x
Air Assault Bike/Airdyne, 4x

CrossFit-specific items:
Training Barbells, 15 lbs
Barbells, 33lb/15kg bars
GHD, 1 would be nice; 2 would be better

         10lb x1 pair
         15lb x1 pair
         20lb x2 pair
         25lb x4 pair
         30lb x2 pair
         35lb x4 pair
         40lb x2 pair
         45lb x4 pair
         50lb x2 pair
         55lb x4 pair
         60lb x1 pair
         65lb x1 pair

Any donation in any number is appreciated. 

If you don't find something you fancy in the above list, but still want to give, send us an e-mail at crossfitundisclosed@gmail.com. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey there,
    Tomorrow afternoon before my workout, I will drop off a really nice set of rings.They are 40ft straps and Rouge, I will be out here till July and I will loan them if you can help me get to 10 Muscle Ups in a row.