The Crew

Nate "n8" Naidas
Nate has been coaching CrossFit since 2010. He has founded Barbell Clubs and a few CrossFit Endurance Teams. He ran track and cross country through high school and continued running for recreation afterwards. He has run several marathons and half marathons and has dabbled in the occasional sprint and super-sprint triathlons. After being introduced to CrossFit in 2008, Nate decided to try the CrossFit Endurance approach to prepare for a marathon instead of the traditional long, slow distance methodology. Needless to say, he PR'd by 24 minutes and hasn't looked back at "traditional" methods of training for endurance sports.

In 2011, Nate was bitten by the weightlifting bug when he had the opportunity to train for a year with the 2005 National Master's heavyweight champion. He subsequently went on to train with a World Master's champion/record holder, 4 different Olympians, and a USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame inductee.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Endurance Trainer
CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
Freestyle Connection Movement with Carl Paoli
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance/Club Coach
USA Weightlifting Level 2 National Coach
Kendrick Farris/Cara Heads Slaughter Weightlifting Clinic
Bob Takano Weightlifting Seminar
Holley Mangold Weightlifting Clinic
Concept2/UCanRow2 Instructor
Cooper Institute Certified Trainer

Amanda Schultz

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


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