CFU Coaches

CFU Coaches

CFU Coaches Tribute

Below are the great coaches of CFU's past.  Without them, none of this would have been possible. THANK YOU!

Nick Modas (Jan-Aug 17)

Oliver Gibbs (Jan-Jul 17)

Andrew Ambush (Jan-Jul 17)

Jan Amutan (Jan-Jul 17)

Kaitlin Ewald (Jan-Jul 17)

Neal Smith (Oct 16-Apr 17)

Star Petrenko (Oct 16-Apr 17)

Patrick "Bernie" Murphy

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CFU President
Patrick took a well hewn path towards CrossFit in that he was a #1 hater of functional fitness, got bored with the same old routine while on a deployment and quickly became hooked.  That was a little over 7 years ago and his love for the sport of fitness hasn't diminished.  He primarily coaches the 0500 class, so if you are on the night shift or can't sleep, come on out and have a fun time. 

Dynasty Vaillancourt

In fall of 2014, Maxwell AFB opened an affiliate with hopes to reach out tothe base community and spread the good word about functional fitness.  Amonth after they opened that's where they got me.  I attended my first onramp and realized I knew less about fitness than I could have imagined anddidn't want to be out of the loop any longer!  I started shadow coachingshortly after and got my L1 in July on 2015.  My goals for when I returnstateside are to attend a CrossFit specialty course or two with my hardearned deployment monies to expand my knowledge further!

You can usually find me out at Undisclosed at the 1800 class or the 1900open gym.  Hope to see you out there!

Dave Owen

Mine is a typical CrossFit Story: I used to be a personal trainer, but started following in 2011 because I got bored with bodybuilding, met up with other people that were doing the same, they decided to include me in a business venture of opening a box, and here I am.  Wrestling was my sport, so my threshold for conditioning has always been about 2 to 3 minute intervals.  I have been a CrossFit Level1 trainer since 2012.  After gravitating toward the Olympic lifts, I got certified as a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports and Performance Coach.  I’m also a purist when it comes to technique and love seeing people learn how to move, and develop new skills.

Anthony "Coach Tony" Tsang

I started crossfit in the fall 2010 by myself in my campus gym. The first Box was Panhandle CrossFit in Panama City, FL. I earned my CF Lv 1 in October 2012, coached at Fulltilt Crossfit in Warner Robins GA. Where I earned Crossfit Football in February 2014. Then I earned my Cf Lv 2 in September 2015. I prefer weightlifting and power training.  Please come out and participate in one of our classes.

Matthew Lawrence
I've been doing CrossFit since July 2009.  I was just getting into working out and a Lieutenant was talking about this interesting program that he followed to prepare for special forces training.  Since that day, I have been hooked.  In 2010 I thought it would be fun to go to the Level 1 Cert that CrossFit offers.  This just made the Kool-Aid even sweeter because before this I had learned everything from YouTube videos with one of my best friends which I'm a little proud of actually but don't recommend to anyone. I learned a ton that weekend.  Since 2010, I have attended the Mobility Cert, Gymnastics Cert, Competition Course, and the USAW Cert. I've trained/coached at CrossFit Tundra in Grand Forks, ND from 2011 to 2012, and at CrossFit Hampton Roads from 2012 to 2015.  The time I have spent in the gym getting to know my athletes is what I love most about coaching.  The look on someone's face when they finally do a double under or the first pull up of their life is rewarding beyond words. 

Jared Conary
Jared is back again for Round 2 at CFU.  He started Crossfit back in January 2011 at this very location while on a 365. He wanted something more challenging and more fun than the typical cycle of “bodybuilding” style workouts. His first workout was Fran and he was instantly humbled. Since then he hasn’t looked back. He received his
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification under the tutelage of Chris Spealler and Miranda Oldroyd in Park City Utah. Jared enjoys coaching his fellow squadron members of the 729th ACS back at Hill AFB and looks forward to coaching those blessed enough to be vacationing here.
-I train where everyone applauds when I do well, and I applaud for them.
-I train where justification is lucifer, and honesty is gospel. For if I lie, I only fail myself.

-I train because laziness sickens me, and preventable disease is exactly that…preventable through effort, not medication

Timothy Hyde
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CFU President
I first got into CrossFit as a pathway to a healthier lifestyle, when I started I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I was hooked and I didn't even realize it. I love coaching and meeting new people, the box has become my place of escape from the daily grind. Along my journey I have discovered a greater level of self-confidence and made some really great friends.

Amanda Langenbrunner
CrossFit Level 1, USAW Olympic Weightlifting
I’ve played sports my whole life, including competitive volleyball, basketball, and track in high school.  I’m uncoordinated so I excelled in track and swimming, but enjoyed the team aspect of sports like volleyball and basketball over the sports I was good at (I quit swimming to play volleyball).  As I went to college and eventually into the military, I continued working out a lot.  I found the weight room to be a more social environment in comparison to the treadmill and elliptical and spent the majority of my time there.  However, I still really enjoyed competition, so I started running 5K’s, 10K’s, and half-marathons with decent success.  While training for a marathon, I started having severe problems with my knees.  Being stubborn, I ran the marathon anyway.  After the marathon, I was in such pain I couldn’t run for months.  I got very bored with the elliptical and bikes and started researching alternative workout options.  I found CF and started following the main-site.  Frustrated with the equipment in the base gym (how can I do ring dips with no rings), not knowing what a lot of the movements were (what is a snatch), and was constantly having people steal my stuff, I started doing more research.  I was watching youtube videos, researching equipment to buy, etc.  Somewhere along the line, I found out there were gyms that specialized in CF (I was living in Albuquerque at the time and CF had not hit the area yet).  I found the one gym in the area and joined.  I was hooked.  CF combined my love of weight lifting with the running I was good at.  Soon thereafter, I moved to LA.  The gym in LA had the community aspect of CF, where I’ve met some of my closest friends.
I soon found myself taking every specialty class offered: mobility, gymnastics, weight-lifting seminars, nutrition seminars, etc.  I also traveled a fair amount for work and was constantly having to create my own workouts.  Due to equipment and nutrition limitations, I knew I needed more than a basic understanding of what was going on to program for myself (it’s pretty hard to follow someone else’s program that requires equipment you just don’t have).  After receiving my certifications, I have enjoyed being able to coach when my schedule has allowed. I struggled a lot over the years teaching myself progressions, variations, mobility drills, etc. and I enjoy being able to help others struggle a little less.  
I’ve done competitions at a number of levels and as an individual, in pairs, and on a team.  I spent a year at an Olympic Weightlifting gym learning the fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts.  I still run 5Ks and half marathons, but don’t train for them anymore and actually run faster than I did when I was a runner.     
I’ll be here all year, so if you have any questions please let me know.  I’m also an Advocare rep, so if you have any questions on supplements, nutrition, etc., please ask away! 

Joey Bak
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, CFU Vice President
I first started CrossFit to  drop weight to get into the Air Force. Like almost everybody who starts out I wasn't very good. Pull-ups and double unders took me almost a year to master and I hadn't touched a barbell since high school. After a long road of sticking with it and being fortunate enough to partake in some pretty kick ass experiences along the way, i'm still doing it and feel great!I've been blessed to have had some phenomenal coaches who cared and I love passing that knowledge onto the next person willing to listen! I've been doing CrossFit for 8 years now and I believe it can be a useful program to better yourself in so many more ways than just physically (added benefit), when executed properly! Personally, I don't have any aspirations for competitive CrossFit, which is why I believe I've been enjoying it since day one!I have a strong passion to help others out the same way my coaches did for me. Looking forward to working out with you.

Tito Ruiz
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, CFU President
I started Crossfitting when Crossfit wasn't cool way back in '06. I had to
find another method of working out since I quickly found out Security Forces hours weren't college hours. I have been drinking the kool-aid ever since. The workouts combined with the community make coming back to it every day worth the excruciating pain. Oh and I grew up in the South so fried food is a staple-it's totally paleo. Have to work off all that fat some way.  I have a few certifications and have been coaching going on 4 years now. In my off time here at the Deid, I am the Security Forces Operations Officer and spend most of my time answering my cell phone. I'm one of the lucky ones who get to do it all for a year. When I'm not working out or at work, I love a good cold drink and cigar-especially in the fall during football season. Roll Tide.

Trevor Steen
Trevor is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer and has been doing CrossFit for over 7 years. He started CrossFit as a way to get in shape for Air Force Combat Rescue and is now assigned to Combat Communications. Trevor and his wife Briana are active CrossFitters and he seeks to bring the sense of accomplishment and community that can be derived from CrossFit to others.  He has competed in multiple local level CrossFit competitions and enjoys the sense of pushing those around you that is a core aspect of CrossFit.

Susan Harrington
Susan came to CrossFit kicking and screaming a little over two and a half years ago. After years of playing competitive sports and maintaining what she thought was a pretty decent level of fitness, she attempted her first CrossFit workout, and couldn't sit for days. But after much convincing, she returned, and has been hooked ever since. Susan loves the competitive aspect of the sport, something she'd been missing since her school days. She is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and is also a coach at CrossFit Desert Lightening in Tucson, AZ. She is also certified in eating ice cream, vampire slaying and sleeping...and along with that, promotes a healthy lifestyle that incorporates mucho rest, eating right (with a lot of cheat days..), and enjoying the community that CrossFit brings.

JP Henrard
Jereme Rene Jean Pierre Henrard, aka 70's Big, aka Beefcake, aka the Spanish War Horse, aka Big Gun from Alamagorda, aka Doug You, aka JP began his career in Crossfit in 2008 "before it was cool." JP specializes in Olympic lifting and has trained with some of the greats from the beaches of Florida to the California shoreline.  The only thing bigger than his muscles is his brain--though an accomplished physicist, JP serves his country as an AF civil engineer with the 1 ECEG.  Hobbies include crushing tuna packets, salsa dancing, cooking paleo, and getting white-girl-wasted after a good WOD.

Michele Tempel
Michele "Shredfest" Tempel is a Crossfit Level 1 Certified trainer hailing from Crossfit Desert Lightning.  Her athletic prowess begain in futbol with a career culminating as a D-1 baller for the USAFA Falcons.  Faced with three major knee surgeries, Michele redirected her competitive edge and attributes her full recovery to Crossfit programming.  She lives for the challenge and the sense of community and support that CF brings.  Other hobbies include mountaineering, climbing, playing geetar, and housing ice cream.

Jen Harman
After years of elegantly gliding across ice with knives attached to her feet, followed by years of coaching others to follow suit, Jen found herself looking for a way to get back the feel-good feelings of coaching: motivating and encouraging others to do things they are afraid to do.  CrossFit presented her with this opportunity. After all, who isn't scared of putting a small house on their back and squatting or throwing the equivalent of a Mini Cooper over their head? These achievements led to her pursuit of coaching at boxes in and around Langley, Virginia before deciding Qatar was a much better coaching gig. She also likes to note that she is one of those "special" few who actually enjoy burpees...thanks Sir Royal Burpee.

Nate Curl
Nate jumped into CrossFit looking for a way to round out his overall fitness routine.  What hooked him are the two things that keep him passionate about CF today:  Competition and Community.  During his tenure at USAFA, Nate was determined to play D-1 football for the Falcons but slept through tryouts and found himself on the cheerleading team instead... where he spent three glorious years perfecting his push jerk.  Nate also has almost 15 years of martial arts training under his black belt and found his CF regimen has assisted in him in mastering the art of taihenjutsu and brought him to the brink of ninja status.  Other hobbies include a friendly/competitive game of volleyball and conquering the 14ers of his home state, Colorado.

Dan Mickelson
Dan, like many, MANY of us, is a competitor of the lazy sorts.  He thoroughly enjoys beating others in physical feats while working out as little as possible.  It was this restlessness, which involved hours of weight training and running yet still getting beat by someone who worked out for only 45 minutes a day, that brought Dan to CrossFit.  He saw the value in the principles that CF was founded on: constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity creates power.  Furthermore, heh applies these to his life, partaking in activities of all sorts: hiking, camping, fishing, 4-wheeling, and exploring this great planet we live on.  Here's to Dan, the Most Interesting Man (or at least one of).

Karl Bolt
Karl loved playing soccer and baseball growing up and throughout high school. He started CrossFitting in 2009 as a way of training for baseball in off season. He found that he was enjoying CrossFit more than his normal lifting and running routine, so he switched over to CrossFit full time. While at the Air Force Academy, Karl played 4 years of D-1 baseball for the Falcons. In May 2007, Karl was commissioned in the US Air Force as a Logistics Readiness Officer. Nine days later, he was selected by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 15th round of the 2007 MLB Draft. Karl played 2 years of minor league baseball for the Phillies through the AF's World Class Athlete Program. The sport specific application of CrossFit is what naturally drew him to CrossFit Football programming. Growing up with Celiacs Disease and CrossFit's emphasis on the Paleo Diet sparked an interest in Karl to start learning and researching nutrition.

Brad Hanberry
Brad came to CFU back in November from Keesler AFB, MS where he works part time as a reservist in the 403rd Security Forces Squadron. When Brad is not donning his uniform and defending the nation during his one weekend a month/two weeks a year, he is working full time as an Exercise Physiologist at a local hospital back home. He believes a well-rounded lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise is truly a preventative medicine that should be practiced daily.  Brad became interested in CrossFit after discovering that its regime of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity meshes perfectly with his short attention span. Brad uses CrossFit with various clients back home and believes it's perfect for any person, young or old, regardless of experience or fitness level.  Some of Brad's hobbies include triathlons, reading, power napping, power eating, and looking to challenge the next "muscle head" that says CrossFit is pointless.

Sam Hanson
Sam, aka "Kip King" aka "Crossfit is definitely not a cult" aka "Fruit cake is paleo--right?" is relatively new to CrossFit having taken up the lifestyle 4 months ago. Since then, he has become a regular at the 0600 class. To date, his proudest achievements are his muscle ups, being an accomplished kip'er and being the second fastest runner in the class. Following the departure of previous instructors, he jumped at the chance to "give something back". He comes to the group with enthusiasm in abundance, ready to pass on such wisdom as "the board doesn't say rest". Outside of CrossFit, Sam's interests are reading, butterfly collecting and flapjack. He is the Theatre Provost Marshal responsible for 83 Expeditionary Air Group- so you could say there's a new sheriff in town.

Lora Studley
Lora grew up in a small town in Iowa, playing all sorts of sports. Then in 2009, she was introduced to CrossFit, at a box near her home in San Antonio, TX. She became hooked. Lora loves the community spirit and positive attitude that the CrossFit culture embodies, as well as the challenge to push your limits physically and mentally. She got her Level-1 certification to expand her personal knowledge and now she's glad to have the opportunity to put that knowledge to work here at the 'Deid. Lora's day job is to transport the most critically ill and injured US and Coalition troops, serving as a Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) Nurse.

Carlos Santos
Carlos comes to CFU out of McGuire AFB, where he is a Security Forces, Phoenix Raven. When he is not flying around the world to exotic places, he is tearing up WODs and broadening his fitness horizons through CrossFit. After many years of working out in multiple Globo Gyms and getting average at best results, he was introduced to the awesome community of CrossFit. In 2010, while obtaining his Level 1 certification, he had a humbling "Fran" experience and that brought on a determination to become fitter, faster and stronger. Over the past 3 years he earned his certifications as an athletic trainer and certifications in: Olympic Weightlifting and Movement & Mobility. Carlos has a passion for helping others achieve their life and fitness goals. In addition, he likes long walks on the beach and listening to John Legend.

Kenneth Hauck
Growing up, I realized early on that a career as a professional athlete was not going to happen. So, the next best thing was to look like an athlete, and that led me to your typical "globo" gym. After several years of inconsistent training, I finally gave up. When it came time for a physical fitness test, I would do just enough to pass. That was until I was introduced to my first CrossFit inspired workout. It was a body weight workout of the day "WOD" that required us to start out at station one and perform an exercise then run to the next station until we completed three rounds of all five stations. Bottom line: pushups, situps, burpees, jumping jacks and dips absolutely destroyed me. Going into the WOD, I thought to myself "this will be easy". I was wrong! A friend of mine was also in the class and he had a broken foot, couldn't run and crushed everyone else. After I let go of my death grip on the drinking fountain, I asked him what the heck he was doing and he said "CrossFit". My CrossFit endeavor turned into a revolutionary and evolutionary journey that began with a paradigm shift in how I defined fitness. CrossFit is not just a workout routine, but a lifestyle of fitness, health and well-being that I'm sure to some extent, everyone is looking for. All that wasted time I spent trying to look like an athlete and now, thanks to CrossFit, I feel like an athlete.

Kristen Franke
Kristen was introduced to CrossFit by some friends in 2010 after a lifetime of boring workouts. She joined a legit affiliate while training in San Antonio, and got her L1 in Dallas in 2012. She has been part of CrossFit Vance, a small military affiliate, since. Kristen previously played soccer and basketball at an NAIA college in the mid-west, and CrossFit has been her replacement for teams sports and a fantastic way to get back into and stay in shape. Aside from all the working out awesomeness that she brings to the table, she also knows how to fly really big airplanes (no big deal.) Kristen served as the President of the CrossFit Undisclosed Private Organization.

Heather Ruhlman
Heather took her oath of enlistment into the “CrossFit Cult” sometime in early 2008 before CrossFit really became cool. After taking a 3 year hiatus to run some marathons (still trying to figure out why she did that), she got back into CrossFit in 2012 and has been drinking the Kool-Aid ever since.  Heather now trains with RedRocks Crossfit out of Colorful Colorado and aspires to open up her own gym one day. She takes significant pride in “spreading smiles” and has a devotion to encouraging others to reach their goals and to do things they never thought were possible (hence why she loves her some CFU.)  When she’s not taking an obnoxious amount of handstand photos, or trying to perfect her Bar MU, she is an Air Force Paralegal. Heather also served as CFU’s Secretary.

Marco Escalera
Marco is lucky enough to be living in the great state of Hawaii where the people are healthier, happier and less stressed (so says Wikipedia).  After years of competitive toe wrestling and becoming the Rock Paper Scissors World Champion in 2004-he realized there was something missing in his life.  In 2010, Marco began his CrossFit adventure, which has now led him to the Deid, coaching classes at CFU.  Marco consistently strives to optimize performance and enhance the lives of the athletes through CrossFit daily.  While his main goal is to watch our athletes succeed; some of Marco’s personal goals include: mastering his one handed muscle up, a 200m handstand walk w/ no hands, and smiling more. 

 Mike "Macho" Mariner
Mike comes to us from Nellis AFB in Nevada and was introduced to CrossFit by his cousin in 2011 after a drunk driver fractured his back. Mike joined his local affiliate after physical rehab from his injuries and has been an avid Crossfitter ever since. Mike had previously held a 5 year professional MMA career before his back injury cut it short.  Unable to compete in the cage, he took to CrossFit to regain a sense of competition. CrossFit has become his replacement for the sport and the clock has become his opponent.  He continues to grow in the sport and share his experience and knowledge with fellow athletes to help them improve not just their fitness levels for "AF PT tests" but rather help build functional fitness to improve everyday life.

Dave Matteson
Dave has been doing CrossFit since 2007 although his education and training schedules kept him from doing it as much as he’d like for the past several years.  In addition to CrossFit, he also trains in powerlifting, Muay Thai kickboxing, and Judo.  Dave has a strong background in anatomy and physiology and applies those principles to his coaching, particularly with mobility and recovery.  His favorite WOD is “Nasty Girls” since it combines three of his favorite movements: cleans, squats, and muscle-ups.  Dave is also the self-proclaimed “King of Women’s Rx’d.”  During this deployment, he is a Critical Care Air Transport Team physician and helps transport critically ill and injured U.S. and Coalition armed service members.  Back in the states, he is a board-certified Anesthesiologist.

Tia Ahlf

Things about me
My favorite cheat meal is candy anything sweet or sweet and sour. Skittles, licorice, gummy bears, sour patch kids, swedish fish, lemon heads, red hots….My favorite TV show lately is The New Girl. I can’t get enough of Zooey Deschanel. Oh and House of Cards! Something interesting about me is that I am a triplet and the shortest, but most fierce of the three. I got into Crossfit because I love athletics and competition, not to mention the friends that come along with it. Also, I wanted to be stronger and harder to kill in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I have a dog named Chopper who survived a tsunami, multiple earthquakes, and conquered Mt. Fuji with me. I hold a number of CrossFit coaching and fitness instruction certifications. I have been a part of the CrossFit community since it’s beginning and competed twice at the regional level. I love to push myself physically and mentally. I have a passion for fitness, nutrition, body awareness, and healthy living. I want to fill each day as full as I can and have as much fun as possible.  I believe Crossfit provides a community where people can expand their athletic potential, be part of something positive, and work hard to achieve greatness.  My goal is to have the physical ability and mental toughness to do anything I want in life. Come train with me!

Michael Migliaro

I normally go by Migs or Mikey. Born and raised in the North East and desperately miss the cold winters there. Hockey is my passion, played Div 1 in college. I have been doing Crossfit for about three years now, even though I despise it. I can't get enough of it. I love food, a lot, hence why I workout.  Lastly, Snuffleupagus is my favorite Sesame Street character. Merica! 

Jesus Raimundi III

Hi everybody, my name is Jesus (heh-soos) and I was first introduced to CrossFit at Fort Meade in 2008. I started CrossFit in earnest in October 2013 and have been going strong ever since.  I am deployed here from Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs and my home gym is CrossFit Pandora’s Box.  I joined CFPB after completing rehab from a reconstructive surgery on my left foot after a snowboarding injury. My first love is surfing surfer and snowboarding is a close second.  When I’m not on the snow or in the water I keep my skills sharp on a skateboard. I have a strong competitive streak that CrossFit has helped me to satisfy and I’ve competed in Wrestling and Boxing at the collegiate level, and also swam and played Rugby competitively.  I love that CrossFit combines the best in individual competition with an incredibly supportive community. I recently completed his CrossFit Level 1 Instructor Course here in Doha at CrossFit Oryx I’m very excited to be a part of CrossFit Undisclosed (CFU) and the coaching team.  CFU has become my family here at the ‘Deid, and I am thankful to be able to push my own limits and help others achieve their goals in fitness and in life.  While here I blasted through two of my personal goals (1 Muscle Up and squat 340# before turning 34), and I hope to help you do the same.

Jamee McNeely
Jamee is from St. Louis, Missouri and got introduced to CrossFit during her first deployment with the Army to Afghanistan.  She meddled a bit and didn't get addicted at first, but one year and one deployment later she was hooked! Jamee became devoted and set her goal to become a coach.  She was officially served her first glass of CF Kool-Aid by a military affiliate in Kabul, CrossFit 89.  She received her CFL1 in El Paso, Texas in March 2014 after she PCS'd from Ft. Bragg, NC to Ft. Bliss, TX.  Now she's at The Deid and ready to help anyone and everyone who wants to train harder and smarter, live healthier and have a kick ass time doing it.


  1. Obviously anonymous is missing the point of Crossfit.

  2. I think "anonymous" is ignorant to the efforts of the coaches at CrossFit Undisclosed. Moreover, he is ignorant to what the whole concept of CrossFit is about. Also, I believe it is important to point out how much of a coward "anonymous" is for using the handle "anonymous". If "anonymous" had any sack to him whatsoever he would have identified himself without somebody calling him out. GFY-Travis

  3. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the feedback, I am sorry you didn't enjoy your FREE CrossFit expirience put on by deployed coaches giving up their FREE time, using equipment that was either built or donated for FREE. If you would like some one-on-one time to show us where we are missing the mark, I would be happy to meet you and learn a few pointers. Otherwise, your comments are not helpful, and are downright disrespectful. I really hope that you are not a military member because if you are, I am ashamed.
    -Trevor Steen

  4. It is awesome that you all are giving of your time and energy to help people stay with their CF regimens while deployed. This is a great way to keep morale up and stay in shape. Stay safe...and healthy!

  5. Just got here a week ago.. I am really into crossfit but work 2330 to 1200.. Any chances of getting a 1300 class..

    Thank You

    1. In a week we are starting an 1130am class (starting 3 Feb 2014)...hope that helps! We'd love to have you out there!!

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